Grades 6-8 iPad Bootcamp

Technology 101


Technology 101 is all about the basics; how do you operate a computer, type essays, create charts and presentations, and navigate the internet. There are 6 smaller sections below that will explain these technology literacies and prepare you for the Edmodo Quiz at the end.

Basic Operations

  • Open General Settings
  • Find device information
  • Identify total and available storage
  • Lockscreen passcode settings


  • Troubleshoot iPad issues
  • Force quitting applications
  • Learn about Wifi network setting
  • Hard reset


  • Learn how to adjust language on keyboards
  • Switching keyboards when typing
  • Learn about creating keyboard shortcuts


  • Learn about cloud storage with Edmodo
  • Creating folders when using in the backpack
  • Adding links to folders
  • Adding documents into folders


  • Learn how to edit your home screen
  • Moving applications around on a home screen
  • Moving apps or folders to the dock


  • Learn proper ways of handling an iPad
  • Learn proper ways of charging an iPad