Grades 6-8 iPad Bootcamp

Getting Started

Welcome to the Student iPad Bootcamp for grades 6-8!

Technology skills are essential to your success in the digital age, both in school and beyond. Technology Literacy is the term for knowledge and skills about how, when, and why we use technology. The next few pages will take you on a journey through Technology 101, Digital Citizenship, and Applied Technology. Each page contains a variety of videos and links that explain these parts of technology literacy.

There is also a link to an Edmodo Quiz at the bottom of each page. After you have reviewed the information on the page, use this link to take the quiz and show what you know.

Important: The quiz is timed; you will have 90 minutes to complete the quiz once you have started, although you will most likely finish sooner. Do not begin the quiz until you are sure you will have enough time to finish.

If you successfully pass the quiz with a minimum score of 75%, you will automatically receive an achievement badge on your Edmodo profile page. If you do not pass, you may retry the quiz the next time it is offered (the quiz is offered 4 times per year).

Use the navigation arrow buttons at the top and bottom of each page to move from screen to screen, and the home button to return to this screen at any time.